Accepted - Larrys' moderator application

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Accepted - Larrys' moderator application

Post by LittleLary on 2014-03-07, 12:36 pm

Teamspeak 3 Username: Larry/Bress

G/L/C I belong to: WSKT

How long have you been with G/L/C: Foundation, about two three months


  • Saxman366 |WSKT| Guild Leader
  • KC_Rules9 | Ember Gaming | Moderator
  • HuntinForBeanz/CaptinTrips |WSKT | Member
  • Sivert |WSKT| Member
  • DarkTrident |WSKT|Member
  • Tyxphlosion |WSKT|Member
  • Malovent | Regular Member | Member
  • DevilDogGamer(Not the youtuber just his TS username)|WSKT|Member
  • Dylan |WSKT|Member
  • DragonWolf1898|WSKT|Member

How long have you been with Ember Gaming: I first started using the TS around October of 2013

Have you ever been banned:

  • Yes | 1 Minute | Whilst messing about with the bad name bot.

How did you hear about the opening: I heard about it from Fiscon.

Experience with Voice Over IP: I've used all of those VOIP programs, mumble, TS, skype, vent, but I have never hosted one. My experience with moderation is the several minecraft servers that I have ran, i.e. modding them, updating, bug fixing and the like

Over 16?: Yes.

Why do you want to be a Moderator: I am a regular on the server, and with the ability to moderate I believe I could improve the quality of this teamspeak server. Also, you get a cool orange dot.


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Re: Accepted - Larrys' moderator application

Post by Fiscon on 2014-03-07, 12:44 pm

Accepted - Most of your members I do not know, but the ones I do are trust worthy. Welcome to the team.

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