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Ban Appeal Application Empty Ban Appeal Application

Post by Kakoii on 2014-03-02, 3:47 pm

Make a new topic per Ban Appeal. The Ban will remain in affect if you do not follow the rule and reply to this post with your Ban Appeal Application. This will also result in deleting further Ban Appeal Applications by such user, and Ban will not be lifted.

Your Teamspeak 3 username:

Date this happened M/D/Y:

Time (Military Time) of offense:

Who banned you?

Describe the offense:


Why you should be unbanned:
This application will be denied upon request if seen for response along the lines of "because I benefit the Teamspeak with numbers". We don't care about numbers. We care about our members as a whole. This isn't a farm.

Be sure to post a new topic instead of replying to this one with the Ban Appeal. Your post will either be deleted or ignored, and your ban will remain in place regardless of another appeal otherwise. Thank you.

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