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Moderator Application Template Empty Moderator Application Template

Post by Kakoii on 2014-03-02, 2:32 pm

We will be periodically LOCKing and UNLOCKing the thread during the times we are accepting and not accepting applications.
We ask that to submit an application to become a Moderator, that it follows this layout:

Teamspeak 3 Username:
Guild/Legion/Clan [hereby called G/L/C] I belong to:
How long have you been with G/L/C:
Who would be willing to back you up and basically say how fabulous you are(Support)?
This can show as [Name][G/L/C they are from][What position they hold in that G/L/C]
Remember, we will be checking with the names that you list here, and we cannot allow you to proceed further into the Moderator rank until we have contacted at least 3 references. Try to make sure they are online a lot, it will help you so much! Also, you cannot use the Founder and Co-Founder as references.

How long have you used Ember Gaming's Teamspeak 3?

Have you ever been banned? Permanently/Temporarily? How long? What was the reason for this banning?
We do have ban history with reasoning, so don't lie. Format it like this
Yes/No | How Long | Reason.

How did you hear about a Moderator opening, if any?
What is your experience with Voice Over IP servers and TeamSpeak?
16 or over? Yes or no ONLY!
If you are found lying, you will be permanently banned, unless you have proven yourself to be mature enough otherwise. Besides, by using Ember Gaming Teamspeak 3, on the webpage and in the rules on Teamspeak, it says that by using the Teamspeak, you understand that there will be 18+ content. Most arguments against this are invalid unless for a real concern. All of this is expressed on the general website, and the Teamspeak.

Why do you want to be a Moderator?

  Note that we asked for what G/L/C you belong to? No worries! We are not discriminatory between different G/L/C and give equal opportunity to rise through Ember Gaming's ranks, up to Assistant Administrator.

  Also, upon making your application, you don't have to center it. In fact, Fiscon likes it without being centered, but I like it and he can get over it. Wink

ANOTHER THING! Make a new topic so that we don't get all jumbled up here, alright? Sweet. Do not reply to this post unless you have a question. If you reply to this post and it is of your application, it will be denied immediately and any applications you put in response to this post, will also keep you from applying for any other positions. Why so harsh? Because if you didn't simply read all of this, you sure shouldn't be a Moderator if you can't read simple rules.

  We will not ask for account information, passwords, emails, or other vital and personal information. Any release of your own information is up to you, though we do highly advise that if you so choose to, you do so in private messaging between yourself and other user. Do NOT post personal information on the forums that can be used to harm later on in life. Ember Gaming will hold no liabilities and or consequences in your choosing to do so.

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