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Post by Maelvogar on 2014-07-15, 2:10 pm

Post here if your going to be absent from in-game for record for longer than a period of 3 days make a post here, no explanation is required for personal detail but just a heads up on dates or periods you may be gone, and if anything may be needed to be done for you as example, my potato's will be needed to be plucked on my farm, so i have set it to guild!

Anything longer than a one month absence may require some more detailed explanation but can be done on a private matter. You may need re-invite to clan if you go inactive without prompt, please post any returning posts here to let us know if an absence out of control has brought you outside the clan and you need to be re-invited.

Example:Hey guys, this is Maelvogar, I will not be around for the week of June 15th and likely to return june 27th! My farm is set to guild so please help yourself to my potatoes!

Example 2: Hey guys, I will be gone for longer than a month, I am moving to china and will take some time for internet to be up, weird right?

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Post by Kakoii on 2014-07-17, 10:14 am

Example 3: Hey guys, this is Yuka, it took my game 2 weeks to update since the last patch and now whenever I come on, I miss everyone and when I leave everyone comes back. I have horrible time schedules for work. XD

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