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PvP And Awareness Port Over Empty PvP And Awareness Port Over

Post by Maelvogar on 2015-03-31, 2:08 pm

This is something I don't know if many players realize, but your awareness, even when your not responsible for others, is the single most key to group scenario success. Keep in mind, you CAN use all your CC's*, and lock out and kill one opponent, that may work well, they are probable to die. Though if your running in a group, and the healer is being pressed for being CC* locked out, those CC* can be effect deterrence/effect to stop the healer from your group from dying, allow time for recovery, and keep an entire team effective and in combat. Paying attention to an MMO game similar to an FPS. A general concept I have always held is a good player for one game who understands teamwork, and general concepts, and movement, and battle awareness will succeed in almost any game they enter and achieve in. It is the sole and single most reason clan's like Gank Bus* BTMRTC * OPP* and Terror* and Chill are even an after thought with such low member basis, is because they work together, and have awareness to work together and synchronize with one another in combat. Getting used to playing with certain players can become second nature to know how to effectively work with them, then you can take that synergy in a larger group scenario and help effect the outcome of entire events.

Acronym guide help
CC = Crowd Control, any disable ability such as Witchcraft/Trips from Battlerage, or other abilities to slow disable or deter combatants.
Gank Bus = A bus party, where koreans jump out with long spears.
BTMRTW = A unhappy version of Gank Bus in the miniaturized
OPP = Unhappy campers with Virbius's Fellowship
Terror = Not sure what the acronym is, these guys are just terrible.

"This is a great point. When I'm playing an initiator on skullknight or defiler I need to be more aware of when the rest of the group pulls back. If my cc breaks go down and the rest of the team has pulled back when I didn't pay attention, I'm pretty much toast in most large team fights. Usually I just pop invincibility when that happens and hope our group pushes back haha. Staying aware of where you are in the team fight will improve your team's chances at winning."

Essentially If your team is a preset like per say all of us, then you shouldn't ever be left in the dark, should be a communicating factor. Even though your an iniator you do not want to be the one over extending.

If your a ranged, you shouldn't ever extend further than necessary, you should keep in mind that terrain is your friend but also can separate you and leave you vulnerable to a death from a high damage dps stealthed. You want to stay at the range of your group while not separating from it.

For a healer, I hear a lot of healers say well they ran away from my heals. I can only think that as someone who has played both roles, chasing the player running through the enemy and giving them heals has never turned back to bite me, but letting them die and a counter offensive to burn us has. It isn't ideal mechanics if a dps is over zealous and is their fault but you need to be the one in a group to strategize, you have the most opportunity to do so while you have no other priority thinking in combat, you are the one who needs to prioritize combat effectives of the other team, see weaknesses, communicate to exploit them, and see your own teams weakness and support that, as a team is only as good as its weakest links.

DPS, your the guys who think, I kill stuff. You need to be the guy who kills stuff while supporting your team, you can not simply just rush in, do your one hit combo (Darkrunners looking at you) and feel accomplished you have done your part while picked apart and ripped limb from limb, you essentially accomplish nothing if you die for taking that kill, which means you should be in the shadows, waiting for the enemy to engage your group, hit the called out weakpoint, and kite your cooldowns to complete a second round of death and mayhem. It is crucial your not a one trick pony, because everyone has seen those ponys before, and they are not a fulfilling ride.
Do you think it is most effective to have the group leader in charge of overseeing things like this? Like in anything from a 5v5 to a 20v20 should I as an initiator be listening for someone to tell me when you move back with the group? Or is it more of I should be aware of how far to push and when to pull back?

Do you think this can be practiced in the 5v5 arena or is open world PVP better for that sort of practice?

Very good questions actually.

In a 5vs5, I'd say this can be managable wit h the one calling the shots, in 20vs20, you really need to watch out for yourself more to know when its time to pull back, but knowing as a tank/initiator with CC's, when you pull back, those left will likely die and be picked off. When I played initiator, I went in every pull assuming to be the last alive or first dead.

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