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Accepted - KC_rules9's Application Empty Accepted - KC_rules9's Application

Post by KC_Rules9 on 2014-03-05, 11:09 am

Teamspeak 3 Username: KC_Rules9

G/L/C I belong to: MERITEXAS [WSKT]

How long have you been with G/L/C: About 4-5 Weeks


  • LittleLarry | Ember Gaming | Moderator
  • Saxman366 | MERITEXAS | Guild Leader
  • Malovent64 | Regular Member | Member

How long have you been with Ember Gaming: About a month after it was up and running I joined, and have been active on it since.

Have you ever been banned:

  • Yes | 1 Day | Was used as a test subject for the bot we were setting up, that bans explicit names.

How did you hear about the opening: Fiscon informed me.

Experience with Voice Over IP: I have been a Moderator For Embergaming and started about a month after the teamspeak was running, but otherwise i've only hosted and used Ventrillo a little bit.

Over 16?: Yes.

Why do you want to be a Moderator: The Reason I would like to be a Moderator is to help regulate and control the behavior of the users of this forum and the Embergaming Teamspeak. I do not enjoy explicit or impolite behavior as much as anyone, and I would like to help regulate those who are out of hand, instead of having to report it and wait for it to be looked into.

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Accepted - KC_rules9's Application Fragme11
Accepted - KC_rules9's Application Fragme11Accepted - KC_rules9's Application Fragme11
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Accepted - KC_rules9's Application Empty Re: Accepted - KC_rules9's Application

Post by Fiscon on 2014-03-05, 1:18 pm

Accepted. Welcome aboard.

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