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Post by Kakoii on 2014-03-02, 3:43 pm

We will periodically be LOCKing and UNLOCKing this thread when we are accepting applications and when we are not.
In order to submit an Administrator Application, one must have already been a Moderator first. Failure to comply will result in denial of application.

We ask that to submit an application to be an Administrator, that it follows this layout:

What is your Teamspeak 3 name?

How long have you been a Moderator?

Were you ever demoted after becoming a Moderator?
This is self explanatory. Have you ever obtained the Moderator status, and then stripped of the title down to a Member or Banned?

G/L/C I belong to:

How long have you been in G/L/C?

Were you ever banned? How long and what for?

How long have you been using Ember Gaming's Teamspeak 3?

Who would be willing to back you up and basically say how fabulous you are?
This should be a minimum of 5 people, 3 of which must already be Moderators, 2 of your choice. You cannot use the same people you used in your first application for a Moderator. You also cannot use the Founder or Co-Founder as references.

How did you hear about the Administrator opening?

Why would you like to be an Administrator?

What do you think you could help with in the community by being an Administrator?

What would you help enforce the most?

What do you place more importance on?

What do you think Administrators are for?

16 or over? Yes or no ONLY!

Fiscon likes it left-aligned. I personally don't care as long as it's reasonable and readable. He can get over my template. Wink

Be sure to explain fully to help us understand how well you would be as an Administrator. It helps avoid confusion.

ANOTHER THING! If you reply to this post and it is of your application, it will be immediately declined, as well as further applications even if on another topic. Self explanatory of course - If you can't read the rules, you shouldn't be an Administrator.
 We will not ask for account information, passwords, emails, or other vital and personal information. Any release of your own information is up to you, though we do highly advise that if you so choose to, you do so in private messaging between yourself and other user. Do NOT post personal information on the forums that can be used to harm later on in life. Ember Gaming will hold no liabilities and or consequences in your choosing to do so.

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