Restated Teamspeak Rules and Regulations

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Restated Teamspeak Rules and Regulations Empty Restated Teamspeak Rules and Regulations

Post by Kakoii on 2014-04-16, 7:07 pm

Rules for the Teamspeak
In case you have not read, nor paid attention to the rules before, we will restate them here...

Guild/Legion/Clan will hereby be abbreviated to G/L/C.

1. We recommend 16+ users.
- Why? Because other members are free to speak of 18+ content: This involves cursing to an extent, and jokes that may not be suitable for all ages. By continued use of the Teamspeak, regardless of age, you understand that this content will be spoken about, if not brought up occasionally.

2. Be fair and courteous to members/members you have not met yet.
- Why? Because you don't know who has connections to higher-ups and could get you in trouble, as well as if it's a totally new member, they may not be comfortable yet with much of anything. Try being friends with everyone.

3. We refuse the advertisement of other Teamspeak Servers.
- Why? Well, we made this Teamspeak for others to use for free. Why would we want to advertise another Teamspeak that may very well ask you to donate to talk, or you have to pay for it? Yes, there are others out there that are free, though we haven't found any. You may poke your friends and tell them of the other Teamspeak that way, though if we see it, you will be banned for a short time. A second offense if followed by a longer ban. The final offense leads to a permanent ban.

4. The command chain is there for a reason, and should be followed.
- Example: Those that are Moderators, Admin's, and above, reserve the responsibility to uphold Ember Gaming's Teamspeak and set a good example for other members to reduce "drama". If there is a problem, the following steps will take place:

  • If member has a problem with another member, they must bring it up to their respected G/L/C Leader first, though only if they do not hold a Moderator and above status. If the Leader has been unable to solve it, it will be brought up to a Moderator, either by the Leader or the members. If the Moderator is unable to solve the problem, the Moderator and involved members must bring it up to an Administrator. If the Administrator is unable to solve the problem, it must be brought up, by the Administrator, Moderator, and involved members to the Assistant Head Administrator. If they are unable to solve this, the next is all respected members involved bringing it up to the Head Administrator. If during all of this, the problem remains unsolved, it must be brought up to the Founder in charge of Member-Rooted issues, Kakoiicat/Kakoii/Timidity.

  • If a Moderator or above has a problem with another member or with another in position of Moderator or above, it must be brought up immediately to the other Moderators that are not involved, nor would allow biased. If this remains unsolved or if you believe there to be a biased decision, bring it up to an Administrator that is not involved nor would show biased in the problem. Next up would be Assistant Head Admin, then Head Admin, and lastly, if all else fails, the Founder in charge of positional disputes, Fiscon.

If a Founder sees the problem before themselves, we will deal with it. We will give you one, and only one warning. We will then tell you that your next offense, will likely result in your permanent termination. If you do so again while we are not available and another member of any stature says you have done so again, we will look into the command prompt and ask you yourself if you have done so. If you are found lying, you will be banned permanently.
If you commit an offense around a Founder and you think you can get by by changing your nickname and repeat the offense, you are wrong. We keep track of those that have committed any offense and if it comes up twice after a Founder was the first one to catch it, you will be banned.

5. Inappropriate images used for avatars are strictly, not allowed. Refusal to take it down will result in your right to have an avatar removed.
- Avatar Limitations:

  • Girl Focused Pictures: Pictures depicting women are allowed with the following limitations in place; There is to be no underwear clad women. See through clothing is prohibited. Nipple covers are forbidden. Shirts that depict the woman "sexually", i.e. showing moderate breasts and very revealing or close to between the legs, are not allowed. Also, in general, any "private" part on a woman in your avatar is not allowed, and will be dealt with harshly if in such condition.

  • Male Focused Pictures: Pictures depicting men are allowed with the following limitations in place; There is to be no underwear clad men. See through clothing around "private" parts is prohibited. Small clothing just covering "private" parts are forbidden. Clothing that depicts the man "sexually", i.e. inappropriate hand gestures towards their own, or others "private" parts, are not allowed. Basically, no strippers. KTHXBYE.

  • All the same may be said for characterized items and animals.

6. Harassment, sexual or otherwise, is not allowed and the problem will be dealt with harshly, as this will skip the chain of command and be dealt with immediately by the respected Founder the issue has rooted itself in.

  • Harassment started in between members will/should be brought straight to the Founder in charge of member rooted issues, Kakoiicat/Kakoii/Timidity.

  • Harassment started in between a member and another with authority, will/should be brought straight to both Founders.

  • Harassment started in between two or more authorities, will/should be brought straight to the Founder in charge of authoritative issues, Fiscon.

 We will not ask for account information, passwords, emails, or other vital and personal information. Any release of your own information is up to you, though we do highly advise that if you so choose to, you do so in private messaging between yourself and other user. Do NOT post personal information on the forums that can be used to harm later on in life. Ember Gaming will hold no liabilities and or consequences in your choosing to do so.

In giving/making a report for a Moderator or above, or so that we can keep track of the offense, please include the names of those involved, helpful or otherwise, explain the situation in readable and understandable sentences, and, if available, please provide a screenshot.

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