Hello~! My name is...

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Hello~! My name is... Empty Hello~! My name is...

Post by Kakoii on 2014-02-28, 6:14 pm

Hi everyone! My name is Kakoii, though you will most commonly see me listed as Timidity in Teamspeak as a Co-Founder.

I'm really excited to see Ember Gaming grow as much as it has so far! Fiscon and I have plenty more ideas to help this place grow, after all, we can hold up to 500 people!

What did I say? Shocked 

Yes, 500.  Cool

I really hope to meet with you all sometime and play games.


I enjoy art. I adore animals and I hope to help and work with them some day. I'm left handed (Fiscon apparently didn't know this before when we were already living with each other). I am 5'3" ish... depending on what time of day it is. My favorite color is a light grey-blue, also depending on what time of day it is. I've had a pet rat, and a pet squirrel in my life. I have a tattoo of my past pet rat. My favorite animal is a snail. My favorite animal is a dog. My favorite animal is a cow. My favorite animal is a-... cow-snail-dog-species. I just like animals, namely species of birds, bovine, canine, equine, and other animalia.

While I post this, Fiscon is complaining about how long my post is XD
I'll end it here.

To see the goals I want to aim for and my ideals for Ember Gaming, simply log into our Teamspeak and highlight my office, "Timidity's Office", near the bottom of all the channels and you can read to the right of it.

Thank you! Surprised

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