Open Sea's PvP guide

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Open Sea's PvP guide

Post by Maelvogar on 2014-09-02, 3:00 pm

General guidelines:

1. The most important thing in ocean PvP is to listen to your captain. Even if you believe he is making a huge mistake, in the heat of battle there is no time for arguments, save those for later. Egos is something that does not belong in large scales PvP battles humility and team work is always advised.

2. Understand that you are going to win some and you going to lose some don't stress about it, With time and training we shall improve to the point where few mistakes are made and winning is mostly what will do.

3. Certain classes are better than others for ocean PvP. Range, AOEs ,Mobility and Healing are everything in ocean PvP . At the top of my head Enigmatist, Primeveal, Planashifter, Soothsayer & StoneArrow (the tanks of the seas). Cleric, Animist, Doombringer, Reapers, Blighters & Darkrunners (if you feel that i have missed one let me know)

4. Keep the coms clear for important information only and focus on the objective at hand.

5. Everyone one the boat must have cannonballs. (Especially Melee)

6. The jobs in the ship are as follow, Melee on the cannons , Archers on the front and back of the ship. Caster at every entrance of the ship to AOE those trying to board or those close by. Healers need to move around as necessary.

7. Don't leave the galleon unless its to board another galleon when the order to board is given , You can board enemy clippers but only if we outnumber the enemy 5 to 1 other wise sink or pick them off one by one. When the enemy is sunk the galleon will be despawned and the order to exterminate will be given.

8. Don't respawn simply wait to be resurrected by a fellow crewman unless we all wipe.

9. Everyone must have resurrection scrolls (generals merchant 50 silver each)

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