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Trade Runs Outlined Empty Trade Runs Outlined

Post by Maelvogar on 2014-09-02, 2:57 pm

The First Trade Pack

- 50 Trimmed Meat
- 35 Grapes
- 1 Trade Certificate

To get the meat you need 10 of any meat and Shatigons Knife. You get 50 Trimmed Meat when you right click on the 10 pieces of meat and i consumes the knife. The grapes are easy to get if you fill your 8x8 with grapes, they are on a 4hr cycle. The Trade Certificate can be bought from a general merchant for 50s.

You then need to craft the Solzreed Dried Food at the solzreed player housing zone just east of Lacton. The fastest way then to Gweonid Forest is to catch a carrige from Lacton to Windshade then from Windshade to Gweonid Forest and then running directly east towards the quest location (north of Memoria) Hand into the Gold trader (I got 3g90s for this run) then port back to windshade to hand in the quest

The Second Trade Pack

- 15 Chopped Fruits (Grapes, Apples etc...)
- 15 Goose Down
- 1 Trade Certificate

The best way i found to get the Chopped Fruits was to just use the left over grapes you harvested from making the first pack. Use 20 grapes with another Shatigons Knife to make 20 Chopped fruits. The goose down is farmable from goslings planted on your 8x8 farm for 12s each. The Trade Certificate can be bought from a general merchant for 50s.

Ride your horse to the specialty bench in Gweonid Forest and craft the Gweonid Dyed Feathers. Walk southeast to the transport station and catch the Gweonid Forest to Windshade then the Windshade to Lacton. Unfortuantely there is no transport from Lacton to Crescent Throne so your going to have to trek it. Hand into the gold trader ( i got 3g89s for this run) then port back to windshade and hand in the quest.

You now have the donkey foal which turns into the donkey that is used to improve movement when carrying a pack.

The Third Trade Pack

- 50 Crushed Leaves
- 12 Olives

For the Crushed Leaves i planted 14 Azalea Seeds on my 8x8. Once harvested use the Azalea with a Shatigons Knife to create the Crushed Leaves. The Olive trees take 18hrs to grow and yield 3-4 olives per tree. Planting 4 on your 8x8 will give you the 12 Olives. The Trade Certificate can be bought from a general merchant for 50s.

Ride your horse to the specialty bench in Lilyut Hills north west of Windshade to craft the Lilyut Hills Refined Oil pack. Hop on your donkey and ride south towards the windshade carriage stop and get on the Lilyut Hills to Dewstone Plains carriage. Then get on the Dewstone Plains carriage that will take you to Sharpwind Pass DO NOT GET OFF BEFORE SHARPWIND PASS because it will stop at 2 places on its way. Then get on the Dewstone Plains to Marianople carriage that will drop you at the entrance to the city

*IMPORTANT* When you enter the city and turn east to head towards the gold trader make sure you hug the cliff on the right hand side of the path, through the trees, to avoid high level mobs that will aggro and kill you!

Turn in your trade pack to the gold trader then port back to windshade to hand in the quest.

The Fourth Trade Pack

- 190 Narcisuss
- 50 Medicinal powder
- 1 Trade Certificate

The narcisuss can be farmed from seeds bought from a seed merchant along with the mushroom spores. Use the mushroom spores with a Shatigons Knife to make the medicinal powder. You can also buy these mats from the auctioneer for a ridiculously inflated price.

Hop on your horse and travel to Helldame Oasis in Dewstone to craft the Dewstone Distilled Liquor. Then hop on your donkey and head west towards the water. Summon yopur rowboat and get rowing because you have a long way to go to get to Austera in Solis Headland. Hopefully you picked yp by strangers on a clipper on your way there but alternatively also scan your horizons for pirates looking to steal your trade pack. Once at the docks just turn in your pack the the guilda star trader and the port to Windshade to hand in the quest.

CONGRATULATIONS You are now the proud owner of a 16x16 farm

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