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Post by Kakoii on 2014-08-14, 11:54 pm

This is a summary of the Guild Meet that occurred on 08/14/14 @ 9:30pm CST:

- More talk of Guild Events:

  • PVP Training: Please talk to Forgiveness(Chris) or Maelvogar in TS3 or in game for more details.
  • Treasure Hunt: Please talk to Forgiveness(Chris) in TS3 or in game for more details.
  • Monthly Guild Meets: Please talk to Kakoii or Forgiveness(Chris) in TS3 or in game at this time for finding out when scheduled monthly meets are until further set-date notice.

-Setting up a guild fund as well as appointing someone to watch over funds.

-Please make sure all members know that being on the forums is not mandatory, though is strongly advised to at least check to know of any changes that may possibly only be communicated through here. The same goes for TS3. One does not need a mic to join in on TS3 as it is to help keep things running smoothly and communicate more appropriately.

-We will be taking off the "Neutral Alliance(s)" on the website. For future notice, any guild that is not listed as either Ally or Enemy, do not attack unless they show harm to self or guild. For Allies, please notify an Officer of Ember in-game or on TS3 so that everything is up to date and communicated properly.

-Making a thread to keep track of Guild Funds to help members achieve what they need to help the entirety of the guild thrive, as well as appointing someone to keep hand of this fund.

-All members present at the Meet, as well as all members that are reading this now, are to follow the chain-of-command for problems. Have an issue? Talk with the one you have an issue with. Not solved? Talk to a Division Leader. Still not done? Bring it up to the Archeage Branch Leader Maelvogar. If at this point it has not been resolved, it will be brought up to myself, Kakoii and Fiscon. Please do not make a big issue about something between members more publicly displayed, as extreme showcasing such as this will have action taken against it immediately.
*Please remember that the rules of the guild are listed on the website under Rules. Failure to comply with such standards will result in termination.*

-Clarified that we are not a numbers guild. We want ideas from our members to help everyone stay involved.

-Having someone back who was once banned and/or left the guild, will have to be approved by majority of Division Leaders, Branch Lead, and/or Founders. No action is to be taken by any single person until approval has been noted.

Thank you to everyone that joined in and input what you would like to see of the guild.

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