CBE2 Live stream Recap Notes

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CBE2 Live stream Recap Notes Empty CBE2 Live stream Recap Notes

Post by Narook on 2014-08-08, 6:55 pm

I know not many of you watch the Trion live streams, so I figured I'd put together some notes from the latest live stream.

-- Open Beta is still planned, no matter what the rumour mill is saying right now.

-- At the start of open beta even the alpha servers will be coming down until launch. The did not mention a timeframe, but I would say expect a few days to a week.

-- CBE4 is coming. They we not mention how many more after 4 just yet.

-- Labour is going to be removed from quest reward identification. The timeline for this change is closer to OBT (open beta).

-- The AH is going to be shared across servers, but not across regions. So all the NA AH's will be shared with each other but not with the EU AH's and vice versa.

-- Working with XL Games to make the wagon dyable...a limited range of course.

-- The AFK kick timer will be in just before or with OBT. From a previous live stream they mentioned it would be 45 minutes.

-- They will not be extending the level cap on alpha for testing. They want to keep the alpha testing for what will be available at launch. That testing will come later.

-- They are not aware of any changes to alter the Harpoon Clipper to stop the "land ships".

-- After launch they will be working on the translation for the Korean 1.7 patch.

-- They are still tweaking the pricing of the items in the Marketplace. Prices on Mirage Island are likely to stay the same between now and launch.
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CBE2 Live stream Recap Notes Empty Re: CBE2 Live stream Recap Notes

Post by Fiscon on 2014-08-08, 9:17 pm

Thank you Narook.

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