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Post by Fiscon on 2014-08-05, 10:03 pm

There are notes from the guild meeting that took place today:

- Guild Crests - Mail Garken

- Group Events - Treasure hunting, row boat race, Hide and Seek, need ideas

- Public Showing - Pvp tournment, need ideas

- Forum Registration - Guides will be posted - Events will be up there - Make notifications from here - Not required to post but check every so often.
We'd like people to sign up on the forum and keep us up-to-date.

- Scheduling events

- Land Demoing and coming up - Hook up with Silent - We have to much land

- Wanted to inform everyone of the seige. - Will need hp potions -
We have buyout gold for who we plan to seige. But we may be taking core members and joining another guild to do the seige. Contact Maelvogar for more information.

- Kick some ass at blood lust or bust
Ended up kicking ass in marianople

Inform guild of changes:
Modified Division system - Members are not apart of divisions, guild acts as a whole, everyone fills the guilds role. Division leaders are focused on certain things.

Suggestions From Guildies:

Harpoon Clipper racers across land/climbing
- Groups of two
- Dewstone, Gaint Mesa
- Across area's of war for idea of fear
- First from solzreed to dewstone

Flash Mob - Dancing
- One person start dancing in middle of city then says "EMBER ASSEMBLE" everyone runs in and starts dancing

Donkey Races - water,
- no equipment/songcraft/carrots
- Trade pack races - first one to ship gets reward
- Donkey Marathon - Start from point A. No pack but each person has necessary resources. Run/Ride/Fly to point B. Everyone make's same pack. Then ride Donkey(With restrictions) to coast/point of choice. Sail(All same boats) to Freedich Island or Random point C. First person to reach goal turns in everyones pack.

Gambling center -
- Each person bids a min of 1g,
- You lose what you bet if you lose
- Gamble on donkey races and etc.

Fishing contests,
- Biggest fish,
- Have fishing brackets
- 5-10k, 11k - 20k, 21k - 30k, 40k - 50k, 60k+
- Screenshot with time shown

Car racing,
- We can do full races refreshing,
- 4 individual races
- Relay

Guild house dance,
- Fire works etc
- Campfires

Flying contest,
- Glider brackets based on gliders stats
- Who can stay up the longest over the ocean
- Start off a trade ship in the safe waters to pvp waters - start in sand deep off building,
- Who gets farthest area wins

Chase the submarines,
(Need to get info from Violle)

Dog fighting,
- Pets fight,
- Pets must reach a level,
- Head to arena

Trade run across sea,
- Daily event trade across sea 15-20 ppl needed.

Plushie Collection war
- I don't even know.

most herbs gathered in a week farming contest,
- Limit to 16x16,
- no farms just farm in wild.

I stole that tree contest, most uproots in an hour
- Who steals the most from the red side

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