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Post by Kakoii on 2014-07-17, 9:20 am

So even in Alpha, I'm thinking about transferring my class over when Open Beta happens. What'd'y'all think?

This is currently for my lvl 33

Occupation: Revenant {Sorcery 9/19, Auramancy, 3/19, Occultism 4/19}

Sorcery skills include (since after nerfing flamebolt update); Flamebolt, Freezing Arrow, Arc Lightning, Freezing Earth, and Searing Rain.
Passive used are; Mana Pool Increase (Increases max mana +15%), Efficient Sorcery (Decreases Mana cost for Sorcery skills -15%), Mana Flurry ( Decreases Cast Time for all skills -6%), and Recuperation (Decreases duration of Sleep and Fear -10%).

Auramancy skills include (since after the update); Conversion Shield, and Teleportation. When at a higher level, I plan on getting Mirror Warp possibly as well as Protective Wings.
Passive used are; Absorb Damage (Converts 7% of received damage to health).

Occultism skills include; Absorb Lifeforce, Mana Force, and Telekinesis.
Passive used are; Enhanced Mana Recovery (Increases Mana Regen +7 every 1 second).

I want to aim for a more support approach, but still be able to take some damage myself. I'm not sure if I'm going the right way in my skills as in dungeons, I constantly find myself stealing Agro on accident and it creates a hassle for everyone.

Tips? I've never been a mage class before... much less a caster...

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